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Connecting the world one device at a time

Texas Devices provides hardware, software and engineering to power the internet of things

Inventors and industries choose Texas Devices to bring the IoT to life

From homes to hospitals, trucks to tractors, storage vessels to storefronts, Texas Devices is the global leader in vertically integrated IoT solutions.  Our team is expert at research and design, testing, deployment, and manufacturing even the most complicated projects. 

Whether you are part of a G500 organization or a weekend hobbyist, Texas Devices is your navigator from idea to implementation. 

Whether you are just getting started or well on your way, Texas Devices can be your partner for success on any sized IoT project.

How we work

Texas Devices is an agile, nimble team of industry experts with a passion for technology.

TD team is able to take a concept to reality in less than half the time of normal organizations because we are a lean team. We have a design engineer, Electrical engineer, App Development, Cloud integration programmer, Sr. sales and marketing, Sr. Project Management in Agile / SCRUM / and Lean Six Sigma with enterprise architecture documentation. TD takes a request based on core requirements to formulate a budget and scope. TD then places the accepted project into a high-level overview, devises the systems views to support the high-level and finally the schematics of the devices or technical views, then disseminates the work to complete the design in the quickest means necessary. The Project team will have frequent customer touch points along the way to cover any scope changes due to new technology available, or current business solution integration concerns to keep the product viable in accordance to the customer requirements for good quality control.

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