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Why Texas Devices?

Because we take projects from idea to production unlike anyone else

Research and Development

You've got a great idea, but you need some help. Whether you are starting from scratch or simply stuck along the way, we've got you covered.

Product Market Fit

Product is ready to go, but you're still finding the market and generating those initial sales.  Texas Devices can help you find and deliver into the perfect market segment.


Time to ramp up volumes and expand to new markets? Texas Devices can help you scale to volumes of which you only dreamed.

Reasons Why Individuals and Organizations Choose Texas Devices

1. Have an idea and know what sensors you need, but no means to integrate them or build your device?

Texas Devices is a vertical solutions provider, which means we offer engineering, research and design for individuals and organizations that lack the technical expertise to get their project to completion. Whether you are just starting out with a project or simply need some help getting the final details locked in, Texas Devices can help.

2. Have a device prototype, but no good transport to the cloud, or way to manufacture it?

Our experience is that the two places IoT projects get "stuck" are with software development and manufacturing. Thankfully, we have years of experience creating custom firmware and applications for devices of all types.  Additionally, the Texas Devices team has managed manufacturing a logistics for NPI/prototype builds, full production runs, and most every volume in between.

3. Have a requirement for secure, private, and discreet partner to develop your device?

Texas Devices can be trusted to protect your intellectual property at all times. Data and discussions are encrypted and safe from public view. Each Texas Devices engagement includes mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements and a trusted Account Manager serving as your single-point of contact during the life of your engagement with us.


4. Have an overloaded development team and need burst development?

Many of our partners call on Texas Devices to help when their own development and production resources are stretched thin.  Our nimble team can work quickly and without compromising work quality in the event your team needs resources to supplement your work.

5. Have a device, a middleware, and cloud already, but it’s not sustainable?

Scaleability is difficult in all sectors of technology.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is no different; navigating technical complexity through growth requires an experienced partner.  Texas Devices is that partner. Our years of experience with clients like NXP, Silicon Laboratories, and others means we have the expertise and knowledge to guide projects of any size to the next level.

6. Have a need to design and develop without giving away your business and IP?

Texas Devices is an engineering and manufacturing organization dedicated to the development and proliferation of cutting-edge technology in embedded devices.  With so many great IoT ideas out there, our mission is to help others turn their own projects into reality. If your idea is a success, if your business thrives, then we have delivered on our core mission.  That's why we like to say Texas Devices is a partner, not a vendor.