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Firmware and Applications for IoT Deployments

Hardware is only half the challenge. What about the software?


Application Development

IoT hardware is like a mouth moving without sound. That's where your application comes in, giving voice to your devices to speak to each other, passing actionable data between endpoints and delivering a rich client experience. Texas Devices is the industry leader at custom IoT application development.


Internal Tooling

An oft-overlooked component of IoT development is how new products and services fit with your organization's existing infrastructure. Robust systems can't simply be plugged in like interchangeable modules. Texas Devices understands complex integrations of all size and scope, giving you confidence that your new IoT initiatives succeed both outside the building and within.


Bios and Firmware

Operating system and firmware are the foundation upon which IoT functionality is built. Understanding how to deploy a product today means nothing if your root systems aren't ready to expand and scale as the market evolves. Texas Devices develops BIOs and Firmware in a way that is both wholly secure yet nimble as your need change.

"Our crowd-funding campaign took off and we needed a partner..."

From indiegogo to Kickestarter, from bootstrappers to VC-funded, IoT products and services are all the rage...but getting them from idea to mass-market is a path that most entrepreneurs need help charting.  Let Texas Devices be your navigator from idea to reality. Our expert team understands the nuance required during the design phase and the detail exacting detail necessary to bring your IoT concept to market.  From R&D to prototyping, from testing to mass-manufacturing, let Texas Devices be your engineering and production partner for the next great IoT idea.

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