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We help inventors and industry bring their IoT ideas to life. Want to know what it takes to turn your idea into reality? Simply fill out the form below and tell us the best way to reach you.

The latest in chipsets with documented schematics, ready built algorithms and a team of geniuses can put your designs into reality within 90 days in most cases. The term custom does not mean expensive, but the opposite. TD takes the lessons learned and designs from other solutions to reshuffle, and create a device specific to your needs.

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"Our crowd-funding campaign took off and we needed a partner..."

From indiegogo to Kickestarter, from bootstrappers to VC-funded, IoT products and services are all the rage...but getting them from idea to mass-market is a path that most entrepreneurs need help charting.  Let Texas Devices be your navigator from idea to reality. Our expert team understands the nuance required during the design phase and the detail exacting detail necessary to bring your IoT concept to market.  From R&D to prototyping, from testing to mass-manufacturing, let Texas Devices be your engineering and production partner for the next great IoT idea.

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