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Putting it all together with the IoT

Streamlining material procurement, logistics, and manufacturing for everyone

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Rapid Prototyping and NPI

Texas Devices knows that before you can sell millions of units, you need to produce just one, test it, change it, and build another with any necessary changes. Our team of expert engineers and developers can help iterate and test your idea quickly but without sacrificing quality. Rapid prototyping and New Product Integration (NPI) is key to success. Put our years of experience to work for you.


Bill of Materials Cost Optimization

We've seen far too many projects collapse because of poor materials management. The cost of components is just one potential pitfall. Logistics, packaging, testing, and more can create downstream trouble for any project. Texas Devices possesses over 20 years of procurement and logistics experience, insuring that your project is on time and under budget.

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Quickturn Production Runs

When it's time to go to market, long production schedules can hamper your gathering momentum.  Texas Devices offers best-in-class vertical integration for IoT organizations.  That means that whether your idea is just starting or at mass production, we can help. Large production runs don't have to be scary with Texas Devices at your side.

"Our crowd-funding campaign took off and we needed a partner..."

From indiegogo to Kickestarter, from bootstrappers to VC-funded, IoT products and services are all the rage...but getting them from idea to mass-market is a path that most entrepreneurs need help charting.  Let Texas Devices be your navigator from idea to reality. Our expert team understands the nuance required during the design phase and the detail exacting detail necessary to bring your IoT concept to market.  From R&D to prototyping, from testing to mass-manufacturing, let Texas Devices be your engineering and production partner for the next great IoT idea.

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