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Your idea is awesome. Let's get started!

Texas Devices can turn your IoT idea into reality. In fact, that's all we do.

Whether you are just getting started making an IoT idea reality or working with  an existing product set, you're going to need hardware. Connected, light-weight, low-power, heavy-duty hardware. Texas Devices creates hardware modules that offer the connectivity your project requires. Texas Devices modules can be used to:

  • Measure distance and proximity
  • Detect atmospheric conditions including pressure, humidity, and temperature.
  • Evaluate light and sound as triggers for activity.
  • Communicate with other modules via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other networking protocols.
  • Integrate with smartphone applications for easier control.
  • And much more.

Texas Devices also streamlines the prototyping process by offering a wide selection of "plug-and-play" modules. The availability of these modules lets engineers and inventors test the functionality and viability of an idea faster than developing all hardware from scratch.

If you are interested in learning more about how Texas Devices can help shepherd your IoT idea from idea to reality, contact us for a free consultation.